Altering Practices for Urban Inclusion

Ongoing/Completed Research

The Vibrational Nexus of a Brussels Railfield in Transition
KU Leuven Internal Funds

Caroline Claus, Burak Pak

Solidary Affordable Housing for the Houseless: A Mobile model in the Brussels Capital Region

Burak Pak, Aurelie de Smet, Yves Schoonjans

A participatory method and toolset for data-driven optimization of design solutions in parametric modeling systems
FNR – Luxembourg National Research Fund / LIST

Elie Daher, Sylvain Kubicki, Burak Pak

Building Knowledge Commons for Commons Architecture

Hulya Ertas, Burak Pak, Lieven de Cauter

Co-creating Place Liedts

Asiya Sadiq, Burak Pak, Kris Scheerlinck


Alternative Urban Projects for the Brussels Capital Region
Burak Pak, Johan Verbeke

Incubators of Public Spaces
INNOVIRIS + JPI Urban Europe
Burak Pak, Hanne Van Reusel, Johan Verbeke

Collective Spaces for Superdiversity
KU Leuven Master’s Dissertation Track

Remaking the Public Space

VGC Bruss-it
Lydia Karagiannaki, Burak Pak, Gideon Boie

The role of temporary use of Waiting Spaces

Aurelie de Smet